JOBS Movie Images Leak

Found these on the server…film hasn’t debuted yet. They should lock down their assets better…

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CSS3 Fireworks with jQuery Transit

Finally starting to foray into the Github world.  Made some fireworks.




Select All Friends Code for Facebook Events 2012 [UPDATE]

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Since I have been getting a lot of questions on how to use the Invite All code for Facebook events, I simplified its use to a browser bookmark.  Here is a step by step on how to use

  1. Drag the button below into your bookmarks toolbar.
  2. Click Invite Friends on Facebook Event Page.
  3. In the popup, scroll all the way down to the end of your friend list. You should notice that Facebook delays loading all of your friends until you scroll.
  4. Click Invite All Code

Drag me to Bookmark Toolbar

Presto Bando Review from Paperhaus

Love that I was called out in this David Hintz review of our bassless performance.

Metro Songs with GarageBand for iPad

Since obtaining “the new iPad” (what is with the name ambiguity?) I immediately downloaded the newest version of GarageBand for iPad, and was blown away by the UI and UX of the app.

Currently I live out in Vienna, VA which means that in order to get to HelloWallet, I have to ride the DC Metro for about 35 minutes every day.  During such a lull in my daily routine, I quickly found that composing music in GarageBand was a great way to make the trip go by faster.  I then thought, just for fun, I would limit the time I had to compose to how long the metro ride took.

That was about 2 months ago, and since then I have recorded about 20 really quick tracks.  I am finally just putting them up on my blog to share, just to show the power of having a mobile studio and some dedicated time to play around.

Some of these tracks suck, but hey…why not share them anyway.  Also, they are not listed in any kind of logical order.  Enjoy!